Network Testing: Data Breach Assessment

Web app designed to help enterprise customers test the security of their live networks.

Team Lead | Interaction Design | Research & Competitor Analysis | Design System Library | Art Direction [2019]

Design Brief

In this day and age a companies network seems to get hacked every other day, exposing countless amounts of user data to the world. Therefore, when it comes to testing the security of a live network it's an ongoing process. Once you fix one exploit there's another one right around the corner... constant vigilance is essential.

Because of this we wanted to build a new product that would allow our users to create a new type of security test. This new test would let users create an abstracted, but real representation of their live network and then set our system to attempt to attack and breach the networks various nodes. Each test can be scheduled to automatically run as often or as little as possible providing report cards for every test run, automatically creating defects against the companies favorite bug tracking system.

This allows a project team to continuously monitor the security of their live network.

User Group(s)

Through stakeholder interviews I came up with a set of provisional personas which were then validated through user interviews.

These personas were then used to create a series of use-case scenarios that helped us determine our users goals and needs... as always we use these personas to guide our design decisions going forward.

Design Concepts

Design Sketches

Visual Designs