Network Testing Dashboard

Web app designed to help enterprise customers test their networks or networking equipment.

Team Lead | Interaction Design | Research | HTML/CSS Pattern Library | Art Direction [2016]

Design Brief

When it comes to testing networks or network devices it's never a one and done scenario. It's lot like designing or developing a product... lots of testing, lots of troubleshooting and lots of iterations.

With that in mind we needed a way to allow our users to log in to our testing app and see a snapshot of everything they've got going on. This dashboard will provide live feedback of any test they or their team have running with live results and project status.

This allows a project team to be aware of what everyone is doing and also allows a manager to take a peak without having to step on anyones toes.

User Group(s)

Through stakeholder interviews I came up with a set of provisional personas which were then validated through user interviews.

These personas were then used to create a series of use-case scenarios that helped us determine our users goals and needs... as always we use these personas to guide our design decisions going forward.

Design Concepts

Design Sketches

Wireframes / Prototype

Visual Designs